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How? By what means? How to recover the money invested?

How? By purchasing a soft ice-cream machine Gelato Economy!
Our equipment will allow you to open your own ice-cream shop or to enlarge your existing business with ice-cream sales.

By what means? By purchasing a soft ice-cream machine Gelato Economy!
Gelato Economy machines will allow you very fast recovery of your investment, maybe within three months of operation.

Recovery time? The cost of a Gelato Economy machine can be recovered as soon as after 100 days of regular service!
This short recovery of the investment, will possibly allow you to make extra profit after just 100 days of operation of the machine.

To whom do we recommend our machines?

  • to people who would like to extend the range of services offered by their catering unit (by purchasing supplementary equipment);
  • to people intended to open an ice-cream shop at a minimum of capital inveetment;
  • to people intended to switch over from traditional ice-cream (balls) to the new and more economical soft ice;
  • to people faced with scarceness of shop floor;
  • to people who simply want and can count, and thus discover the excellent opportunities offered by our equipment.

Anyway, the purchase of Gelato Economy equipment shall be preceded by detailed business analysis. Based upon the opinion poll undertaken among our customers, we have identified the following points of importance:

a recovery period of my investment as short as maybe 100 days!
My profit: fast recovery of my invested money.
a most favourable price/value ratio!
My profit: I have purchased fair quality at a convenient price.
low production costs and therefore extra profits!
My profit: no need for extra investment, profitable operation due to low production expenditure.
possibility to use one-phase 230 V power and air-cooling!
My profit: no need to install three-phase power-supply, therefore no extra cost.
easiest manipulation of the machine!
My profit: anybody can learn to operate the machine.
easy maintenance by the operating personnel, without intervention of technicians!
My profit: minimum need for maintenance, low associated costs.
servicing without need to involve specially trained technicians!
My profit: if servicing or repair is needed any electrician can do the job.
Gelato Economy machines are available at about one-half of the price of a new machine (of comparable performance) offered by prominent manufacturers or at 80% if a second-hand machine is purchased.
My profit: I save a good lot of money just when buying the Gelato Economy machine.

Which feature is more important to you?

To operate an equipment fitted with air compressor and thus make more soft and creamy ice-cream?
Simplicity of operation due to gravitational transport of material?
To can leave your icecream machine on overnight, i.e. to run it round the clock, cooling of the liquid mixture tanks included?
To can handle two blends independently or to combine them (i.e. to have two compressors in your machine)?
To have a less voluminous machine, eventually to be placed on desktop?

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